I graduated from Northeastern University (1995) in Boston, Massachusetts with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Architectural Design. Working for several architectural firms, experience with project management gives me an insight into the art and asset production pipelines that most artists have to work with on a daily basis. With seven years experience in the field, my architectural background helps me to visualize in three dimensions and to look beyond pen and paper from original concept to finished product. Porting my skills over from architecture, I now specialize in level design along with conceptual art and 3D modeling.

After being the first ever to graduate from the Art Institute of Atlanta’s Game Art & Design program (2007), I joined CCP Games. As a member of the team that upgraded the asteroid graphics for EVE Online: Apocrypha, I most recently served as Architectural Concept Artist and Level Designer for CCP Games ‘World of Darkness’ MMO.

Ultimately, there is one question that can be agreed upon for all levels: “Is this level fun?” Having worked the last four years on an MMO I have a lot of experience with this pipeline. When it comes to working with concept artists and blocking out levels for fast prototyping, I can rough out quick 3D models that will meet requirements needed. Speed and playability are what’s involved to mock-up levels so you can get game designers and QA in there to start play-testing the space. An architectural background and understanding of modular tile sets helps when we near approval by all departments and begin the process of outsourcing level sets or working in house on custom pieces. Good design is key but understanding how to breathe life into a level through lighting, visual targets and scripting is what really makes a solid level designer.